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My Info

Name: Indra Adhwa Bin Samsuri

Age: 23

Nationality: Singaporean

Languages: English, Malay

Mission and Vision

My aim is to contribute to society by advancing human technology and pushing the boundaries of science and engineering. I strive to expand what is possible and to drive progress in these fields.

My mission is to become a leader in my field, excelling in everything I do, wherever I am. Achieving this requires continuous learning, acquiring new skills, connecting with diverse individuals, and uncovering new knowledge. Hard work, dedication, curiosity, and open-mindedness are the core values that guide me. I take responsibility for my performance and education, using moments of boredom as opportunities to learn something new. Most importantly, I am committed to never losing sight of my goals and what matters most to me.


Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with Specialisation in Aerospace

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


CGPA: 4.3/5.0

Diploma in Aerospace Technology, (Specialisation in Aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore


CGPA: 3.88

Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level

Kent Ridge Secondary School


L1R4: 12 (-2)

L1R5: 16 (-2)


Certificates bySingapore Ministry Of Education

Certificates by Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Key Achievements


Freshmen Orientation Camp Deputy Camp Commandant & Secretary

This event is an opportunity for new students to bond with their new classmates and integrate into secondary school life. It took over 6 months to organise and plan. As a deputy camp commandant, I oversaw committees in their planning and implementation of ideas. I was also the secretary which meant that I have to manage finances and transactions for the event. i used excel to manage the finances. Microsoft office powerpoint, word and google documents were all used extensively to collaborate, present proposals and brief my colleagues.


Freshmen Orientation Camp Facilitator

As a facilitator, I facilitate the classes in a 3-day camp to help familiarize themselves with the school and classmates. The 3-day event was packed with fun games and high energy to get the freshmen to get comfortable with one another and integrate into the new school. I am responsible for their well-being. Along with 2 of my other colleagues, we came up with cheers, coordinate ice-breaker games and assist the teachers with formal documents for the freshmen.


Teacher’s Day Event Organiser & Coordinator

This is an event for students to show their appreciation for their teachers. As organiser and coordinator, I oversee the committees and had to work with them to plan the flow of the segments. I also am responsible for the decision making for the teacher’s gifts. I am also one of the judges for the audition to select the best performances to showcase to the teachers. On the day of the event my colleagues and coordinate the event and ensure everything runs smoothly


Appreciation Day Event Organiser & Coordinator

It is an event held annually in my school to award leaders and students with exemplary qualities and performance in their academics and co-curricular activities. As an organiser, I had to prepare the number of awards, the list of award recipients and had to plan the order of the event. Additionally, I oversee dry runs and ensure that award recipient know what they have to do before the day of event.