Leading Innovation: My Journey Through the EID Competition

My Thoughts On the Engineering Innovation and Design Competition Participating in the EID competition was an invaluable experience that allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges. As a leader of a diverse team, I navigated the complexities of managing a large group, balancing technical and interpersonal responsibilities. The competition’s objective: identifying a problem, […]

Things We Can Learn From the Ghost Flight Helios 522 (Opinion)

Helios Fight 522

The tragic accident that occurred to Helios Flight 522 on 14 August 2005, has left a deep impact on the aviation industry. There are many things that we can learn and take away from this, to improve and move forward to a safer aviation environment. All parties including the manufacturer, operator, flight crew and maintenance crew can learn something from this incident.

The Tragic Flight of Helios Flight 522 – Case Study

Wreckage of Helios Flight 522

On August 14, 2005, Helios Airways Flight 522 carrying 115 passengers and 6 crews crashed into a mountain in Greece (AAIASB,2006). The flight was scheduled to depart from Larnaca Cyprus for Prague, Czech Republic. During the investigation, the Air Accident Investigation & Aviation Safety Board (AAIASB) found that the loss of cabin pressurization resulted in the depletion of oxygen which incapacitated the crew (AAIASB, 2006). The aircraft continued to fly on autopilot until it eventually ran out of fuel and crashed. All 121 passengers and crew perished during the accident.

Harmful Effects of Genetically Modifying Food

a bunch of corn cobs

We have previously talked about how genetically modified organisms can solve our food crisis. however, genetic modification ain’t all rainbows and sunshine. There are serious and possibly irreversible environmental and social impacts to GMOs.

Is Genetic Manipulation The Answer to Our Food Crisis

Genetically modifying a tomato

While genetically modified manipulation has been around for hundreds of years, it was not until the early 90s that it was used commercially. Genetic engineering (GE), also known as genetic modification/manipulation (GM), is a process of modifying and altering the DNA of an organism to obtain desirable characteristics. Recently, GM has become a controversial debate. People are starting to raise their concerns as more genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are going into the consumer market.

Plasma Window – Science Fiction Turned Reality

Star trek enterprise shuttle bay

Have you ever watched star wars or star trek and wondered how they can have a shuttle bay with no doors to allow vehicles to enter and exit while at the same time ensuring air doesn’t escape.

Plasma windows use plasma that is confined by a magnetic field to create a boundary between a vacuum and the atmosphere.

Reuleaux Triangle – Cool shapes you have never heard of

Reauleaux Triangle

The reuleaux triangle is named after Franz Reuleaux, an engineer in the 19th century who studied its properties. The Reuleaux triangle is simply a triangle with curved sides. The most interesting thing about the reuleaux triangle is that it has the least area and the sharpest corner possible for a shape of constant width.

The Pressure Vessels In The Sky

Have you ever felt cramped and claustrophobic in an aircraft? Have you ever wondered why the cabins never have enough headroom? The cross-section of an aircraft is normally circular to withstand pressure loads when the aircraft is pressurised and reduce drag. As such, the walkways are normally in the middle of the aircraft where you […]

Nuclear Fusion – The Energy Supply Of Tomorrow

Introduction Energy can be found all around us. It is used to produce food, for transportation, manufacture goods and power our electronic items. It is the basic foundation of our daily lives. It powers our lives. Energy can be produced in many different ways. Today, fossil fuels produce most of the world’s energy. However, fossil […]